How to Get Him Back After a Breakup - I Used Male Psychological Tricks, and They Worked Like a Charm

Published: 19th October 2010
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If you're wondering how to get him back after a breakup, its not as hard as it may seem. I know for a fact because I used to be in the exact same shoes you are now. I broke up with boyfriend of 1 year and I was broken-hearted, devastated. I had been with him so long that it felt like a chunk of my soul had been ripped out, and it hurt.

I made a lot of common mistakes that a lot of people make after a break-up, calling him repeatedly, apologizing over and over, begging, pleading. But none of it seemed to work, in fact it was having the opposite effect, and just pushing him further and further away.

It was then that I discovered how to get him back after a breakup... By pushing his male psychological buttons! You see men and women are very different when it comes to love. There are things that will work on a guy that will not work on a girl.

One way how to get him back after a breakup is by making jealous. Men are very competitive and they want to feel like they "won" the girl. What better way to do this then by being around another guy? If he still cares for you, and if you were together for very long, then he does still love you. Be flirty, light hearted and not too serious. Act like how you would act if you were trying to pick up a brand new guy.

I was able to get my ex boyfriend back by pressing his male psychological hot buttons

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